Customize the Ketubah's Design
Since the ketubah is legal and not a religious document, its design isn't affected by religious restrictions: it can be written by anyone, with anything, on anything, in any style.

Traditional imagery is of the city of Jerusalem, images symbolizing the happiness of married life (such as animals in pairs, two "things" intertwining to become one), and symbols of the two families (in older ketubot these would be family crests or seals. Today, objects holding special significance for the couple are sometimes worked into the design). Verses from the Bible representing love or two people coming together are used in the design. These verses are generally taken from various parts of the Bible including the Song of Songs, Psalms, the book of Ruth.

All of the work shown in this web site has been done on commission - none of the pieces are for sale. The couples all had input into the design - anything from choosing colors to proposing the imagery used in the design. If you choose to have me design a ketubah for you, you'll be able to give the same type of input and your ketubah will be just as unique.

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