Different Styles of Texts
In order for the ketubah to be kosher (legal), it has to use either the Orthodox or Conservative versions of the traditional text. These are written in Aramaic and describe the legal obligations of the groom towards the bride, and the bride's legal rights and remedies concerning divorce.

It is possible to take some liberties with the text to make it more meaningful to you (and whoever is going to be looking at the ketubah). There are several options. One is to use another text in addition to the traditional text. Another is to select what's referred to as an egalitarian text. This text isn't a legal substitute for the marriage contract (i.e. you still need a kosher ketubah) but it's more friendly and speaks to your love for each other.

There are many examples of both (the first Jewish Catalog has one written by Rabbi Lawrence Kushner), or you can write your own. If you're going to writing the text(s) in a language you don't know very well, it's good idea to have it checked by someone who is fluent in that language. If you don't know anyone, there are translation services that can help you do this.

Customize the ketubah's design